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Fat Wide White Wall Tires
can take your Hot Rod from Ordinary to Extraordinary!
It'll give your car that Vintage look and complete the perfect restoration. Our system will save you hundreds over buying new after market tires at about 250 bucks a piece ($1000 total). You can do it yourself in no time at all. The classic look of big wide white wall tires is the only thing you need to bring your vintage car or trailer to life.
Get Complete Instructions on How To...
* Make Your Your Own Hot Rod Wide White Walls for .05 each
* Get Enough Rubberized Elastomeric to do Over 500 Tires
for $25 at your Local Hardware Store
(The same stuff the guys on eBay are Repackaging for $50 for 16oz)
* I'll Show Exactly What to Use and How to Apply it
* No Masking
* No Templates
* No Special Tools
* So Easy a Cave Man Can Do It
* Lasts for Years, Won't Crack or Yellow
* Do your Whole Hot Rod in 1 Hour
* 30 Years of Trial and Error in One Easy to Read Photo e-Book
* Learn SECRETS to Make Your Wide White Walls Perfectly Round

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