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We provide a FREE platform for people to send anonymous emails to anyone.
- Tell a friend you have a crush on them
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- Report a crime
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We do not support: spam, fictitious, bogus, fraudulent, malicious or fake emails.
If you're a hacker, hate monger or racist please do not use our service.
Indignant jokes from kkk members that are libelous or infringed upon the rights of others will not be tollerated.
Additionally, morbid, illegal, misrepresented, fictitious, obfuscated, pious and queer communications will be reported to the proper authorities.
If you are stingy, narcicist, a tattle tale, tweeker, or a tom boy you'll be exposed by our crack whores.
No pornographic, sexy, x rated, xxx rated, subversive or subterfuge emails are allowed.
Other stuff we don't like: slam, shred, vicious, vivacious, wierd, wacky, wanton, licivious, improper, pernicious, wrong, ugly, sexist or terrorist emails / communications / messages / are forbidden by joe biden.
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